Plant Disaster Damage Prevention Facilities

HINO SYSTECH designs the fire, smoke, gas and heat detection systems in addition to the alarm and fire extinguishing systems after the detection of a fire. Also, it selects and purchases the machines including those made by overseas manufactures.
Since we are involved in the process from the purchasing of the machines, we believe that we can select the best machines fitted with a built-up system. In addition, our thorough and extensive knowledge of the machines allows us to provide efficient disaster damage prevention systems.

Plant Disaster Damage Prevention Facilities

plant disaster damage prevention facilities

HINO SYSTECH, with its extensive experience in instrumentation design, is working on the plant disaster damage prevention facilities essential for safe plant operation.
HINO SYSTECH serves as the general agency of Detector Electronics and is cooperating in partnership with domestic and overseas disaster damage equipment manufacturers.

  • Selection of gas, fire, thermal or smoke sensor
  • Manufacturing of monitoring or alert indicator panels
  • Transmission of disaster prevention signals to the central monitoring room or the device at the site
  • Alarm issue at the site using the motor siren or beacon
  • Activation of automatic fire extinguishing mechanism

HINO SYSTECH handles the system architecture including the design of a suitable fire extinguishing implementation according to the plant location and disaster damage prevention standards.
Also, HINO SYSTECH takes care of both the selection and purchasing of the machines, the selection of the manufacture and the design of the monitoring system.