• 21/01/08

    Acquired ISO45001 certifications.

  • 20/04/15

    Since Government declaration of the state of emergency on April 8th, HINO Systech employees of Sales Department and Project (Engineering) Department are encouraged work from home alternately.
    Whereas, we are infrastructure industry, we do projects for power plants, refineries, water and sewer services and pharmaceutical factories.
    To prevent negative effects for those customers and projects, we do our utmost to keep our factory running.

    Please feel free to contact us if you have problems, especially regarding infrastructure.
    Main telephone no.: +81 – (0)3 – 3732 – 3591

  • 18/10/01

    Introducing our new President & CEO:
    We’re pleased to announce Masayasu Hino, former Managing Director was appointed as the President & CEO on 1 October 2018.
    Akira Kumazawa, former President & CEO was appointed as the Chairman.

  • 16/02/26

    Acquired ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 certifications.

  • 15/12/01

    The service center was established in Heiwajima, Tokyo.

  • 15/10/01

    A Subsidiary company, Hino Systech Vietnam Co., Ltd., was established in
    Hanoi Vietnam.

  • 15/02/01

    We, HINO SYSTECH CORPORATION, were registered by UL to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9000 Series Standards.

  • 14/01/23

    We, HINO SYSTECH CORPORATION, concluded a sales agent agreement with Appleton group.

  • 11/10/01

    We, HINO SYSTECH CORPORATION, have concluded the contract for the solution partnership and sales agent in Japan with Siemens AG.

  • 09/12/25

    Web Site was renewed !

  • 09/12/25

    We concluded Detector Electronics Corporation ( Det-Tronics ) and the sole agency agreement in Japan, and began sales of the disaster prevention equipment of Det-Tronics.

  • 09/10/01

    The permission of the general dispatch business in Japan was obtained, and the dispatch of Electricity and instrumentation engineer was started.