Protection Policy

Personal Information Protection Policy

HINO SYSTECH CORPORATION ( "HINO" ) recognizes the importance of personal information. HINO handles personal information properly, complying with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other related laws and regulations and following the policy Corporate Profiled below.

Obtaining Personal Information

HINO obtains personal information in an impartial and lawful manner.

Using Personal Information

HINO handles personal information within the scope of the purposes of use notified or announced in advance.
When personal information is used besides the following, HINO notifies or announces the individual in advance the purposes for which the personal information is used.

  1. Request of estimate, Answer to consultation and Sending of material.
  2. Answer to contact.
  3. To answer Other troubles etc.

Disclosing Personal Data

HINO does not disclose personal data to third parties unless obtained consent from the individual or authorized by law.( In the following cases, HINO does not disclose personal data excluding. )

  1. When there is the customer's agreement.
  2. When you consign the handling of individual information within the range necessary for the achievement of the purpose of use to us.
  3. When submitting is demanded by the law.
  4. When it is demanded by the court etc. with the authority.
  5. When HINO judges that it corresponds to State of emergency or Legitimate self-defense.

Managing Personal Data

HINO takes necessary and appropriate measures for the prevention of leakage, loss or damage and for other security control of personal data.

About the change in protection policy

Protection policy demonstrates the effect when announcing on this site when protection policy is changed.
However, when HINO installs regulations in another, it is excluded.

Question concerning protection policy

When there is a question about the management of protection policy etc, please contact the following where to make contact or Contact in contents.

Contact Information


TEL +81-3-3732-3591
FAX +81-3-3739-7249
※The telephone corresponds between from AM9:00 to PM5:45 the weekdays.